Quantum Trivia Quiz


2021年4月9日 (金) 17:00


Join us on Friday April 9 at 17:00 JST on Zoom to play

Quantum Trivia Quiz – live – real time!

Open to OIST and non-OIST – play using your smartphone and
using Zoom! Download the Kahoot smartphone app or play live on your computer.

Register HERE to join the Quantum Trivia Quiz. You need to register a verifiable
email address so we can award you the prize afterwards!

The competition is open to

  • OIST Faculty/Staff/Students and
  • NON-OIST - the public or schools/colleges within Okinawa.

For more information please email: Prof Jason Twamley, Quantum Machines Unit, jason.twamley1@oist.jp

Congratulations! They are the winners!!


(Nico and da Boyz: Nico Fischer, Samuel Cure, Hugo Musset and Balashwethan Chockalingam)

(Jesse Everett)

(Dylan Brown)


All-OIST Category: 

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