Popular science talks

Yasha's Provost Lecture on how the gravitational force follows from a maximal-time principle (featuring the least-time principle in optics and the "twins' paradox" of Special Relativity).

Yasha's Corona-induced Zoom talk about Newton's unification of Heaven and Earth via the spiritual art of calculus (with nods to Eratosthenes, Aristarchus, Galileo and Kepler).

Yasha's Corona-induced Zoom talk about the surprising history of hand-washing (featuring Girolamo Fracastoro, Ignaz Semmelweis and Florence Nightingale, with special guest appearances by Mongke Khan and Archimedes).

Yasha's talk at TEDxOIST, 2018, about how Special Relativity was discovered from electromagnetism.

Video via the TEDx YouTube channel

Yasha's talk at TEDxOIST, 2017, about why gold is yellow (spoiler: relativistic effect).

Yasha's job interview talk at OIST, 2016.
This is an introduction into the field and my work, aimed at a general scientific audience.