Paola Laurino

Photo of Paola Laurino
Paola Laurino
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry (ETH Zurich, 2011)
M.Ph. Medicinal Chemistry (Leiden University, 2007)
Master Degree (Laurea) Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (Milan University)

I am an organic chemist with broad interests in biochemistry and protein evolution. I was born and grew up in Italy. After pursuing a master in medicinal chemistry in the Netherlands, I started my doctoral studies in organic chemistry in ETHZ (Switzerland). During my PhD I moved to Max Plank Institute (Germany) along with my mentor and there finished my doctoral studies. As postdoctoral fellow I spent the last four years studying enzyme evolution and engineering in Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel).

Awards, Fellowships and Grants

  • OIST Kick-start Fund (2019-21)
  • JSPS grant, Kakenhi Early Career Scientist (2018)
  • FGS-Weizmann Institute of Science, Senior Post Doctoral Fellowship (2015)
  • Federation of European Biochemical Societies, FEBS Long Term Fellowship (2012-13)
  • European Molecular Biology Organization, EMBO Long Term Post Doctoral Fellowship (2012) (Declined)

Selected Oral Presentations

  • EMBO workshop, Enzymes, Biocatalysis and Chemical Biology: The new frontiers (Italy), Invited Speaker (2018)
  • EMBO Conference, Chemical Biology 2018 (Germany), Abstract selected for a talk (2018)
  • The Fifth International Conference on Cofactors and Active Enzyme Molecule (Japan), Invited Speaker (2016)
  • The Fourth International Conference on Cofactors (ICC-04, Italy), Abstract selected for a talk (2014)
  • Gordon Research Conference, Enzyme, Coenzyme and Metabolic Pathways (USA), Abstract selected for a talk (2014)
  • Federation of European Biochemical Societies, 38th FEBS Congress “Mechanism in Biology” (Russia), Abstract Selected for a talk (2013)

Selected Publications

  • Gade, M. H.; Lynn Tan, L.; Damry, A. M.; Sandhu, M.; Brock, J. S.; Delanay, A.; Villar-Briones, A.; Jackson, C. J.*; Laurino, P.* Substrate dynamics contributes to enzymatic specificity in Human and bacterial methionine adenosyltransferases. JACS Au, 2021, 1, 12, 2349-2360.
  • Clifton, B. E.; Fariz, M. A.; Uechi, G.; Laurino, P.* Evolutionary repair reveals an unexpected role of the tRNA modification m1G37 in aminoacylation. Nucleic Acid Res. 2021, 49, 21, 12467-12485. 
  • Testa A.; Dindo, M.; Rebane, A.; Nasouri, B.; Style, R.; Golestanian, R.; Dufresne, E.;* Laurino, P.* Sustained Enzymatic activity and Flow in Crowded Protein Droplets Nat. Commun., 2021, 12, 6293.
  • Laurino P., Tawfik D.S. Spontaneous Emergence of S-Adenosylmethionine and the Evolution of Methylation. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2017, 56, 343-345. This article has been recommended in F1000Prime as being of special significance in its field.
  • Laurino P., Tóth-Petróczy Á., Meana-Pañeda R., Lin W., Truhlar D.G., Tawfik D.S. An Ancient Fingerprint Indicates the Common Ancestry of Rossmann-Fold Enzymes Utilizing Different Ribose-Based Cofactors. PLoS Biology 2016, 3, e1002396.