[Seminar] "Is π-single bonding possible?" by Prof. Manabu Abe


2022年9月22日 (木) 13:30 14:30


C209, Center Bldg



Is π-single bonding possible?

Speaker: Manabu Abe, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
Graduate School of Science
Hiroshima University
Abstract: Chemical bonding systems determine the nature of molecules. In organic chemistry, there are two bonding types for carbon–carbon connections: σ-bonding and π-bonding. In this seminar, several aspects of studies in the last two decades addressing a naive question “Is π-single bonding (C–π–C) possible?” were reviewed: (1) features of π-single bonded species; (2) molecular design for π-single bonding; (3) generation and detection of singlet diradicaloids with a π-single bonding character; (4) future prospects of π-single bonded species.
Related papers from our group: 
Chemical Communications 57 (86), 11301-11309, 2021
Chemical Science 12 (2), 613-625, 2021
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (19), 7426-7439, 2021
Chemistry Letters 46 (11), 1586-1592, 2017
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Host: Christine Luscombe Unit 
POC: midori.tanahara [at] oist.jp
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