[Seminar] "How can we predict efficiently?" by Prof. Sarah Marzen


2020年1月8日 (水) 13:00 14:00


Lab3 C700



Professor Sarah Marzen

Assistant Professor of Physics

Keck Science Department

Claremont McKenna College



Organisms have to predict the future to best choose actions.  How do they do it, especially given the resource constraints that govern their ability to process information?  We evaluate the ability of machine learners, bio-inspired neural networks, neurons, and humans to predict and memorize, with surprising preliminary findings.


Host: Jonathan Miller, Professor, Physics and Biology Unit

Prof. Marzen will be visiting OIST from January 8th to January 9th.  If you would like to meet with Prof. Marzen during her visit, please contact Midori Tanahara at <midori.tanahara [at] oist.jp>.


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