Seminar: "Labour of love: early careers in pursuit of well-being"

Friday, 10 November 2017, 14:00-15:00 @ Seminar Room C700, Lab 3

It is written in ORC's mission statement that "... The ORC also aims to enrich the intellectual and social lives of OIST researchers by sponsoring and organizing events." We are happy to announce the very first seminar organized by the ORC, which is closely related to our recent project regarding the relationships between Faculty and Researchers at OIST. Dr Adina Dudau, a senior lecturer in Management at the University of Glasgow, Adam Smith Business School, is going to discuss employee well-being, in particular in academia in an interactive and, hopefully, inspiring seminar.

You may find details about Adina and the seminar in the seminar announcement.

We consider this seminar a timely follow up of ORC recent activities and we expect it will be the first of a series of events that we will organize and host. We hope to see many of you (students and faculty are also most welcome).

Finally, we should mention that we are grateful to the PCDA office and Irina Filonova, personally, for facilitating and sponsoring the event.