Update from the Faculty Assembly: Life Support for OIST community

The OIST Faculty Assembly met on September 23, 2016. ORC representatives Zach Hensel and Giulio Giusteri attended the meeting. There was some discussion of the new KAKENHI application incentives between faculty members and the Dean of Researcher, Mary Collins. The only new information relevant to ORC members came from the VP of Human Resources, Machi Dilworth:

  • Dr. Dilworth explained new changes to daily life support provided by the OIST Resource Center, Relocation section, and Medical Center. See the attached PDF for details.
  • It was emphasized that it is inappropriate to rely on RUAs (Research Unit Administrators) for life-support assistance; it is particularly important not to ask RUAs to drive unit members in RUA personal vehicles.
  • The Resource Center and the Registration Desk have been merged. The Resource Center has new, expanded hours at two locations (see attached image).

Please use the Resource Center and give feedback to them - resourcecenter@oist.jp - or to the ORC officers - orc-officers@oist.jp - if you have ideas for how OIST can better meet the needs of OIST Researcher Community.

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