Planned power outage


2024年3月6日 (水) 10:00 14:00


To conduct the annual mandatory power system inspection, planned power outage is scheduled on March 6th 10:00 – 14:00 for this fiscal year.

Points you should be aware of are summarized below. Please read all points and prepare as you need.

  • Sea water supply, both natural and filtered, will be stopped after 30 min – 1hr. after the power outage begins.
  • Aeration will be working during the power outage via portable aerators and power generators. Please prepare air supply for your tanks as necessary.
  • Some murky sea water may be coming in when the power is recovered. If this happens, it should be very short time as all roof-top sea water tanks has been cleaned in December.
  • To keep the experimental temperature settings, a part of heat-exchanger and husbandry system will be connected to power generators.
  • All freezers and refrigerators will be connected to power generators; therefore, samples in there are fine.
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