OIST-UT Joint talk series for future science-Season6: High Fidelity Genome Sequencing: What have we been missing?


2022年4月20日 (水) 17:30 18:30





High Fidelity Genome Sequencing: What have we been missing?


The talk will cover advances in the sequencing of genomes enabled by long read sequencing up to haplotype phased, chromosome level reconstructions that are the current state of the art.   Several examples will be given of biologically meaningful features that would not previously have been seen in an unphased reconstruction.  The talk ends with a summary of future directions and problems that have yet to be solved.


Dr. Gene Myers, Professor, Algorithms for Eco And Evo Genomics Unit, OIST


Gene Myers is a computer scientist and biotechnologist known for the BLAST search engine and his contributions to the sequencing of the human genome while at Celera Genomics. 

In the 80’s Myers invented algorithms for sequence comparison and search.  In the 90’s Myers created and perfected the string graph approach to DNA sequencing.  Since then he has focused on building single cell expression atlases across developmental epochs and perfecting genome reconstruction. 

Myers has been a professor at U of Arizona and UC Berkeley, a vice president at Celera Genomics, a group leader with HHMI, and a director of the Max-Planck Society.  He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, USA.


Dr. Shinichi Morishita, University of Tokyo




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