The 2nd Workshop on Ladder Polymer Science / ラダーポリマー研究会 第二回ワークショップ


2022年11月21日 (月) 9:002022年11月22日 (火) 13:00


B250(Sydney Brenner Hall), Seaside House, Conference Center


- Research Group on Ladder Polymer Science
- Organic and Carbon Nanomaterials Unit (Prof. Akimitsu Narita), OIST

Abstract:  Various topics of ladder polymer science will be covered mainly from the perspectives of synthetic organic and polymer chemistry, including the synthesis of novel conjugated ladder polymers and nanocarbon molecules and their characterizations and properties.

Nov. 21st am:  closed sessions in Japanese

Nov. 21st pm:  sessions open to the OIST public in English (no registration required)

Nov. 22nd am:  closed sessions in Japanese


Speakers:  Prof. Tomoyuki Ikai (Nagoya Univ.), Prof. Takashi Kitao (Tokyo Univ.), Prof. Takashi Hirose (Kyoto Univ.), Prof. Fumitaka Ishiwari (Osaka Univ.), Prof. Hideto Ito (Nagoya Univ.), Prof. Hironobu Hayashi (NAIST), Prof. Christine Luscombe (OIST) and Prof. Akimitsu Narita (OIST)


Request to participants:

  • Please refrain from attending an event if you have fever or any other cold symptoms.
  • Check health condition before attending an event by measuring body temperature etc.
  • Bring a mask and wear it correctly, practice good cough etiquette and wash hands with soap and disinfect fingers thoroughly.
  • Eat only inside the designated meal areas and avoid crowding during meals. Do not eat inside the venue unless specifically allowed by the organizers.
  • Put your mask back on swiftly after eating.
  • Follow the latest guidelines issued by the Japanese government and the Okinawan government regarding vaccination policies, and PCR or antigen testing prior to attending an event.
  • If identified as a close-contact, follow the self-isolation guidelines determined by the local health authorities and the Japanese government.


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