Past Events

TIME TO TRASH THE JOURNAL? - Seminar by Dr. Paul Guinnessy

2015年11月9日 (月) 11:00 12:00
C700, Level C, Lab 3
Dr. Pauy Guinnessy, Web Director, Physics Today

Sustainable Energy for the 21st Century and The Role of Nuclear Fusion

2015年10月13日 (火) 11:00 12:00
C209, Level C, Center Building

Title: Sustainable

"Why Influenza Kills and will Kill Again" Yoshihiro Kawaoka

2013年7月22日 (月) 16:30
The talk will be in English, with no interpretation. Dr. Kawaoka is Director of the International Research Center for Infectious Diseases and Division of Virology, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo.

"Ryukyuan Artifacts in the U.S.: A Detective Story" Ms. Fuji Takayasu

2012年4月2日 (月) 16:00

In "Ryukyuan Artifacts in the U.S.