OIST-RIKEN Brain Symposium 2023



The first joint symposium between RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) and OIST is organized by Ph.D. students and professors in both institutes. The symposium aims to provide a platform for young scientists from both institutes to develop stronger ties and find solutions to shared research interests using different approaches/model organisms. Diverse neural circuit architectures in different organisms have evolved to find solutions to common problems. A common theme within this symposium is species diversity in neuroscience and how it can offer us new challenges and solutions. The program of this symposium is designed to foster these concepts. 

We hope this symposium will strengthen and formalize the relationships developing between OIST and RIKEN-CBS at the level of faculty, researchers, and students. Young scientists from both institutes will be given the opportunity to discuss and share their research ideas.

The symposium format will have three types of session 

    1) Joint investigator session (2-3 researchers from OIST and RIKEN discussing common research theme/interest from their research perspective) 

   2) Joint Student session (a number of student/post-doc speakers from OIST and RIKEN. Session is organized following the common research theme of the investigator session) 

   3) Keynote speakers session (2 keynote speakers). 


You can find the program page for more details. We are looking forward to your participation at the beautiful OIST. 


ORBS (OIST-RIKEN Brain Symposium) organizers 2023