[ONOS Seminar Series] Professor Lisa Genzel: Complex memory, sleep and plasticity


2023年2月22日 (水) 17:00




OIST Neuroscience Club is excited to start this year's ONOS seminar series with Prof. Lisa Genzel from Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour, Radboud University, Netherlands. Everyone is welcome to join the seminar!

Complex memory, sleep, and plasticity 

Adapting to environmental changes is critical for our survival. The brain’s ability to build up knowledge about the world that enables us to benefit from our previous experience has been a long-standing, central topic in psychology and neuroscience. However, research into the neurobiology underlying knowledge build-up and updating is now just beginning. In my lab, we develop new rodent tasks (e.g. Object Space Task and the HexMaze) to tap into how animals build up knowledge from experiences. We also use one-session learning tasks (e.g. watermaze) for translation applications in humans and rodents. We combine these tasks with electrophysiology, pharmacology, functional MRI, and immediate early gene expression analysis to investigate how memories become long-lasting and which role location-specific plasticity and sleep have in the process. In this talk, I will focus on the most recent results from the lab, where we investigate how different forms of plasticity manipulations affect the consolidation of simple and semantic-like memories and sleep.

You can join the seminar via this  ZOOM link 

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