Past Events

[Online Machine Learning Insights and Innovations (MLII) Seminar Series] How to Detect Out-of-Distribution Data in the Wild? Challenges, Research Progress, and Path Forward, By Assistant Prof. Sharon Yixuan Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2023年12月1日 (金) 10:00

Speaker: Dr. Sharon Yixuan Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Sciences 
University of Wisconsin-Madison 

[Seminar]Domain-specific Large Language Models: Case Studies in Educational and Medical Fields by Dr. Irene Li, Assistant professor, the University of Tokyo, Seminar Room L5D23

2023年11月13日 (月) 11:00 12:00
Lab5, Seminar Room D23

Speaker: Dr. Irene Li, Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo, Seminar Room L5D23

[Seminar] MLDS Seminar2023-8 by Ms. ABEMGNIGNI NJIFON Marianne (Institute of Mathematical Stochastics of the University of Goettingen), Ms. Naghmeh Jamali (Islamic Azad University), Seminar Room L5D23

2023年9月28日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Ms. ABEMGNIGNI NJIFON Marianne (Institute of Mathematical Stochastics of the University of Goettingen)

Title: Graph Convolution Networks for spatial interpolation of correlated data

Speaker 2: Ms. Naghmeh Jamali (Islamic Azad University)

Title: Trustworthy Textual models: Are the textual models robust against various backdoor attacks

[Seminar] MLDS Seminar-7 by Dr. Deborah Sulem (Barcelona School of Economics-UPF), Solaleh Mohammadi (Sharif University of Techonology), Seminar Room L5D23

2023年9月21日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Dr. Deborah Sulem, Postdoctoral Scholar, Barcelona School of Economics- Universitat Pompeu Febra

Title: Scalable and adaptive variational Bayes methods for Hawkes processes

Speaker 2: Ms. Solaleh Mohammadi, PhD Student, Sharif University of Techonology

Title:  Semantic backdoor attacks

[Seminar] MLDS Seminar 2023-6 by Parsa Hosseini (Sharif University of Technology), Laura Sudupe Medinilla (KAUST), Seminar Room L5D23

2023年9月14日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Mr. Parsa Hosseini, B.S. student, Sharif University of Technology

Title: Mitigating Spurious Correlation in Images by Intervention

Speaker 2: Ms. Laura Sudupe Medinilla, Ph.D. Student, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Title: Spatial profiling in translational research

[Seminar] MLDS Seminar 2023-5 by Dr. Makoto Yamada (Associate Professor, OIST), Ms. Terezie Sedlinska (PhD Student, OIST), Seminar Room L5D23

2023年7月13日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Dr. Makoto Yamada, Associate Professor, OIST

Title: Approximating 1-Wasserstein Distance with Trees

Speaker 2: Ms. Terezie Sedlinska, PhD Student, OIST

Title:  Reinforcement learning behavioral modeling: Two studies of Pavlovian and operant valuation in humans and rats

[Seminar]MLDS Seminar 2023-4 by Mr. Tobias Freidling (University of Cambridge), Dr. Mohammad Sabokrou (Staff Scientist, OIST), Seminar Room L5D23

2023年7月6日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Mr. Tobias Freidling, Ph. D. Student, University of Cambridge

Title: Sensitivity Analysis with the R^2-calculus

Speaker 2: Dr. Mohammad Sabokrou, Staff Scientist, OIST 

Title: Deep Learning Advancements in Anomaly Detection for Computer Vision

Joint Workshop IBISML,NC,BIO,MPS

2023年6月29日 (木) 9:002023年7月1日 (土) 16:05
Auditorium Hall and Conference Center

IBISML, NC, BIO, MPS Joint Workshop, Onsite and Online

Information-Based Induction Sciences and Machine Learning (IBISML)
Technical Committee on Neurocomputing (NC)
Special Interest Group on Bioinformatics (SIGBIO)
Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving (MPS)

[Seminar]MLDS Seminar 2023-3 by Mr. Guillaume Houry (Universite Paris-Saclay), Mr. Yuxan Wan (Michigan State Univ. ), Seminar Room L5DE23

2023年6月22日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5DE23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Mr. Guillaume Houry, Ph. D. Student, Universite Paris-Saclay

Title: Average complexity of Persitence Homology computing in Topological Data Analysis

Speaker 2: Yuxuan Wan, Ph. D. Student, Michigan State University

Title: Defense Against Gradient Leakage Attacks via Learning to Obscure Data

[Seminar]MLDS Seminar 2023-2 by Mr. Haoyu Han (Michigan State Univ.), Mr. Weijie Liu (Zhejiang Univ.), Seminar Room L5DE23

2023年6月15日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Mr. Haoyu Han, Ph. D. Student, Michigan State University

Title: Alternately Optimized Graph Neural Networks

Speaker 2: Mr. Weijie Liu, Ph. D. Student, Zhejiang University

Title: Robust Graph Dictionary Learning