Past Events

[Seminar] "Theory of eco-evolutionary dynamics" by Masato Yamamichi (National Institute of Genetics/SOKENDAI)

2024年1月24日 (水) 10:00
Lab 3, C700

Masato Yamamichi

Associate Professor, Center for Frontier Research, National Institute of Genetics

Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI

[Seminar] "How intraspecific variation, phenotypic plasticity, and rapid evolution influence the maintenance of species diversity" by Simon Hart (University of Queensland)

2024年1月22日 (月) 15:00
Lab 3, C700

Dr. Simon Hart

Lecturer in Quantitiative Biology

University of Queensland School of the Environment

Language: English, all are welcome!

[Seminar] Monitoring ecosystems autonomously with spatial sound (Becky Heath, U. Cambridge)

2024年1月9日 (火) 13:00
Lab 3, C700
Dr. Becky Heath
Research Associate
Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

[Seminar] "Forecasting fish growth to prepare for climate change scenarios" by Dr. Mollie Brooks (DTU Aqua)

2023年11月9日 (木) 14:00
Lab 4, E48

Dr. Mollie Brooks is a Senior Research Scientist at the National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Danish Technical University.

All are welcome, especially those with interests in: fish, climate change, and statistical forecasting!

[Seminar] Prof. Rebecca Ostertag - Using plant functional traits to design forest restoration

2023年6月19日 (月) 14:00
Lab 3, room C700

Dr. Rebecca Ostertag, Professor of Biology, University of Hawai'i at Hilo. Language: English, no interpretation. Target audience: everyone at OIST and beyond. Seminar will be held in-person only.

[Seminar] Community assembly and species coexistence in the heterogeneous world

2022年11月17日 (木) 10:00
C700, Lab 3

Dr. Naoto Shinohara, Specially appointed assistant professor, Tohoku University.

Language: English, no interpretation. All are welcome to attend.


Pyroaerobiology: Elucidating the composition, diversity, and ecological role of microorganisms in wildfire smoke

2022年10月13日 (木) 10:00

Dr. David Vuono, Assistant Research Professor, Colorado School of Mines.

Language: English, no interpretation. All are welcome to attend.


Theoretical Ecology Seminar/Discussion Series

2022年1月26日 (水) 15:00

Theoretical Ecology Seminar/Discussion Series

[PhD Thesis Presentation_External] – Sam Ross – “The stability of ecosystems under global environmental change.”

2021年11月23日 (火) 18:30 19:00

Ph.D Thesis Presentation for External by Sam Ross