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  • All the lectures take place in the Seminar Room, OIST Seaside House unless otherwise indicated.
  • Meetings with faculty take place in Meeting room 1
  • Meetings with faculty on Thu. July 06 take place at Main Campus.


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Week 1 (Jun 26-Jul.02) : Methods


Monday, June 26

09:30-09:45   Greetings from the organizers

10:00-13:00   Parallel Sessions

Biologists: Kenji Doya  Introduction to numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations

Theoreticians: Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama   Neuronal basis for information processing. / Meeting Room 1

14:00-18:00   Student poster presentations (14:00-16:00 Group1 / 16:00-18:00 Group2)

19:00-21:00   Reception & Dinner


Tuesday, June 27

09:30-12:30   Upinder Bhalla   Molecular computation in the brain

14:00-15:00   Introduction of the tutors

15:00-17:30   Tutorial: Python


Wednesday, June 28

09:30-12:30   Bernd Kuhn

1. Ion channel physiology and the Hodgkin-Huxley model of neuronal activity

2. Functional optical imaging

14:00-16:00   Tutorial: Brian2

16:00-18:00   Tutorial: Neuron


Thursday, June 29

09:30-12:30   Erik De Schutter   Introduction to modeling neurons and networks

14:00-16:00   Tutorial: Nest

16:00-18:00   Tutorial: Advanced Matlab


Friday, June 30

09:30-12:30   Kenji Doya   Introduction to reinforcement learning and Bayesian inference

14:00-16:00   Tutorial: LFPy/STEPS

16:00-18:00   Meeting with Dr. Bhalla or Meeting with Dr. Doya


Saturday, July 01

09:30-12:30   Greg Stephens   An introduction to dynamical systems: from neural activity to natural behavior

14:00-15:00   Tutorial: Git

15:00-16:00   Project Work


Sunday, July 02 (Day off)

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Week 2 (Jul 03-09) : Neurons, Networks and Behavior I


Monday, July 03

09:30-12:30   Shin Ishii   Decoding neural decision making

14:00-16:00   Project work or Meeting with Dr. Stephens

16:00-18:00   Project work or Meeting with Dr. De Schutter


Tuesday, July 04

09:30-12:30   Bard Ermentrout   Mechanisms of excitability in simple neuronal models

14:00-16:00   Optional Tutorial: XPP by Dr. Ermentrout or Meeting with Dr. Fiete

16:00-18:00   Project work or Meeting with Dr. Ishii


Wednesday, July 05

09:30-12:30   Charles Wilson   Neuronal Oscillation and Entrainment

14:00-16:00   Project work or meeting with Dr. Ermentrout

16:00-18:00   Project work or meeting with Dr. Wilson


Thursday, July 06

09:30-12:30   Ila Fiete  Theory of the neural circuits for spatial navigation

13:40-16:00   Visit to OIST Campus

16:00-18:00   Meeting with Dr. Kuhn or Meeting with Dr. Yazaki-Sugiyama or OIST Tea Time


Friday, July 07

09:30-12:30   Sukbin Lim    Recurrent network models of working memory

14:00-16:00   Project work or Meeting with Dr. Lim

16:00-18:00   Project work


Saturday, July 08

09:30-12:30   Sonja Grün   Analysis and interpretation of massively parallel neuronal data

14:00-16:00   Project work


Sunday, July 09 (Day off)


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Week 3 (Jul 10 – 13) : Neurons, Networks and Behavior II


Monday, July 10

09:30-12:30   Michele Migliore   Biophysical modeling of neurons and networks using the NEURON simulation environment

14:00-16:00   Project work or meeting with Dr. Grün

16:00-18:00   Project work


Tuesday, July 11

09:30-12:30   Jason Kerr   Easy to collect, hard to interpret: Making sense of neurosphysiology data collected in vivo using electrical and imaging techniques

14:00-16:00   Project work or Meeting with Dr. Migliore

16:00-18:00   Project work or Meeting with Dr. Kerr


Wednesday, July 12

09:30-12:30   Nicholas Hatsopoulos   Encoding of movement in the motor system

14:00-16:00   Project work or Meeting with Dr. Hatsopoulos

16:00-18:00   Project work or Meeting with Dr. Redish


Thursday, July 13

09:30-12:30   David Redish  Computational models of decision-making systems: implications for computational psychiatry

14:00-17:00   Student project presentations

19:00-21:00   Banquet & Dinner

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