Visa/Travel info for 2023

(updated on May 15 2023)

For entering into Japan

※If you are boarding an aircraft arriving in Japan after midnight Japan time on April 29 ,valid vaccination certificate or pre-departure test is NOT required.

Ground transportation in Okinawa (Taxi schedule)*tentative

Please let us know your flight schedule(flight number and arrival/departure time at Naha airport) once you purchase flights tickets.

  • Arrival day/18 June: Please meet a taxi driver holding with OCNC2023 signboard at the arrival gate.
    • Taxi#1: Leaving at 12:30pm, Domestic(meeting point)=>OIST (Flights: OZ172*, NH995)
    • Taxi#2: Leaving at 13:15pm, Domestic Terminal=>OIST (Flights: JL909)
    • Taxi#3: Leaving at 14:00pm, Domestic Terminal=>OIST (Flights: JL913, MM503)
    • Taxi#4: Leaving at around 15:00pm, Domestic(meeting point)=>OIST (Flights: NH471, JX870*, ANA2521)
    • Taxi#5: Leaving at 16:15pm, Domestic Terminal=>OIST (Flights: NH473, SNA127)
    • Taxi#6: Leaving at 17:20pm, Domestic Terminal=>OIST (Flights:ANA309)
    • Taxi#7: Leaving at 19:00pm, Domestic Terminal=>OIST (Flights:AA8451/JAL921)
    • Taxi#8: Leaving at 20:00pm, Domestic Terminal=>OIST (Flights: JL923)

*For those who arrive with an international flight, please move to the Domestic terminal to find a taxi driver at the meeting point.

  • Departure day/7 July: Check-out time at Seaside house is 10:00am.
    • Taxi #0: Leaving at 7:00am by a small taxi, (Flight: BR113)
    • Taxi #1: Leaving at 8:00am by a Jambo taxi, (Flight: SKY592, CX5821, NH462, MM502)
    • Taxi #2: Leaving at 8:45am by a small taxi, (Flights: JL904)
    • Taxi #3: Leaving at 10:00am by two Jambo taxis, (Flights: 4A7169)

How to transfer between Narita and Haneda

Airport Limousine is the easiest way to transfer between the two airports. Fare: 3,200 JPY/one-way (approx. 1 h 15-30 mins)

■From Narita to Haneda by Limousine bus [Timetable]

[Bus stop]

Narita Terminal 1: No 12

Narita Terminal 2: No15

■From Haneda to Narita by Limousine bus [Timetable]

[Bus stop]

Haneda Terminal 1: No 6

Haneda Terminal 2: No 7

Route Navigator for train and bus

Other information

  • OIST Seaside House: This year, each participant will have one room.
  • Currency Exchange: ATMs: ATMs for credit card cash withdrawal are available in Naha Airport, nearby post offices and convenience stores.  You will need a PIN code to use this service and some fees may apply. 
  • Climate: June and July in Okinawa is very hot and humid.  Average temperature around this time of the year is 29-33 Celsius (or 84 - 92 Fahrenheit). Bring sunscreen or sunblock to protect your skin from sunburn!
  • Clothes: OIST Workshops are usually performed in informal style (no suit and tie), thus please feel free to dress casually and travel light.
  • [IMPORTANT]Electricity: The AC outlet in Japan is 100 volt, and fits plugs with two parallel blades (Type A). Please check if the AC adapter of your laptop is compatible with Japanese style and bring a plug adapter or a voltage converter if necessary.




  • Meals during OCNC:
    • Breakfast: Continental Breakfast(Bread, cereals and coffee/tea and fruit juice)
    • Lunch: Japanese style bento(lunch box: rice and side dish)
    • Dinner: Japanese style bento(mostly Japanese rice and side dish), sushi day, Pizza day and BBQ(we will prepare the grills for "vegetable only", "no pork" and "no beef".
    • Especially for those who have food restrictions and allergies; we will arrange meals based on your requests as much as possible, but we recommend to bring your food. We have a small refrigerator in your room and microwaves, hot water, and water server at the common space at the seaside house.