Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama

Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama
Associate Professor
BSc, Japan Women’s University
MSc Sophia University
PhD Sophia University

Professional Experience

  • Sophia University
  • Duke University
  • Brain Science Institute, RIKEN


  • The Research Incentive Award, RIKEN, 2009

Select Publications

  • Araki M., Bandi M. M. and *Yazaki-Sugiyama Y. Mind the Gap: Neural Coding of Species Identity in Birdsong Prosody. Science354: 1282-1287
  • Yanagihara, S. and *Yazaki-Sugiyama, Y. (2016) Auditory experience dependent cortical circuit shaping for memory formation in bird song learning. Nat. Commun, doi: 10.1038/NCOMMS11946. (featured article)
  • *Yazaki-Sugiyama, Y., Yanagihara, S, Fuller, P.M. and Lazarus M. (2015) Acute inhibition of a cortical motor area impairs vocal control in singing zebra finches. Eur J Neuroscience 41:97-108 

Select Invited talks

  • Gordon Research Conference -Auditory systems (2016)   Selected short talk. ‘Mind the gap: Neuronal coding od species identity in birdsong prosody’, Bates College, USA
  • 9th Avian Model Systems meeting (2016). ‘Chemogenetic control of neuronal activity in songbirds’, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Symposium at 38th Annual Meeting of Japanese Neuroscience Society, ‘The mechanisms of neuronal circuit formation and maturation in the developing brain’ (2015). ‘Learning to be a zebra finch. How does one identify vocalizations of one’s own species?’, Kobe Japan