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Ananda Maity
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Ananda Gopal Maity completed his Integrated PhD (MSc.+PhD) degree in Physics from S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata (2021) with specialization in quantum information theory. Throughout his PhD tenure, he has worked on the intersection of quantum foundation, quantum information processing and quantum communication theory. After submitting his PhD thesis, he joined S. N. Bose Center as a visiting Research Fellow (2021-2022) and has mentored and collaborated with several young researchers in the domain of quantum information theory. In November, 2022, he has joined the Networked Quantum Device Unit at OIST led by Prof. David Elkouss as a postdoctoral fellow. Ananda is mainly interested in entanglement theory and other quantum correlations with their implications in quantum information and communication tasks and is actively looking forward to mentor students in that domain.

Ananda is fascinated for travelling and hiking. He likes to explore the globe learning different cultures. In his spare time, he is also interested in reading novels and story books and learning the world politics.