How to join

We are always looking for motivated interns, Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch. You can find below the general guidelines and opportunities for joining at each stage.

Postdoctoral researchers

Internally funded positions:

Open postdoctoral positions.

Externally funded positions: 

Many countries and organizations fund postdoctoral fellowships. Some examples: canon foundation research fellowships, JSPS postdoctoral fellowships, Marie Curie actions, Rubicon program, etc.

Ph.D. students

If you are interested in joining the research unit as a Ph.D. student, there are two possible routes. Students can directly apply to the OIST Ph.D. program or they can first join as a research intern and then follow the Ph.D. pathway program.

OIST rotation students

If you are an OIST student looking for doing a rotation in the NetQ unit, please contact us at least one month in advance to discuss potential projects.

Research interns

As a bachelor's or master's student, you can join the group for a research internship of up to six months. The internship can lead to direct entry into the Ph.D. program. See the graduate school site for more information.