3rd Japan-Israel binational workshop on quantum phenomena


2013年3月10日 (日) 17:002013年3月13日 (水) 17:00


C209/210 and Seaside House



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This is the third Japan-Israel binational conference on the physics of various quantum aspects in condensed matter physics.   Mesoscopic physics, low dimensional systems, strongly correlated electrons, quantum dots, quantum coherence, transport phenomena in graphene, topological insulators and superconductors and  Majorana fermions, are among the topics to be covered. They are of great interest  not only from the point of view of basics physics, but also for their potential application in nano technology and information science, in which scientists from Japan and Israel have recently recorded significant contributions.  Renowned researchers in these fields are expected to gather in this workshop, with the hope to strengthen existing and establish new collaborations and to open new research directions. In addition, the workshop expected to provides an excellent educational event  for graduate physics students in OIST that are interested in modern aspects of condensed matter physics.



  • Y. Avishai (Ben Gurion Univ.)

  • O. Entin-Wohlman (Ben Gurion Univ.)

  • D. Orgad (Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem)

  • H. Aoki (Univ. of  Tokyo)

  • K. Itoh (Keio Univ.)

  • S. Katsumoto (Univ. of  Tokyo)

  • A. Kikkawa (OIST)

  • T. Ohtsuki (Sophia Univ.)

  • S. Tarucha (Univ. of Tokyo)]

Please address questions and inquiries to 3rd-jpn-isr@oist.jp

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Shinobu Hikami, mathematical theoretical physics unit
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