Internal Seminar Series

The OIST Internal Seminar Series is an informal meeting within the OIST community, where students, postdocs, research assistants and professors alike get to share a piece of their daily lives over free pizza. During a typical seminar, a speaker shares their latest results, a plan for future work or some methodology they'd like to share.

One of the goals of the Internal Seminar Series is to foster an interdisciplinary, cooperative environment within OIST, where we can learn from each other and understand the motivations that drive research in fields we are not familiar with. This is based on the understanding that the activities at OIST are intrinsically interesting and worthwhile to learn about for curiosity's sake. Beyond this there is the possibility that internal collaborations may spring up in unforeseen areas of research.

Seminars are organized every two weeks. Please see the "Calendar" or "Upcoming Events" links on the left for more information about upcoming seminars. Each seminar takes place in Lab 3 room C700 and starts at 16:00, after which there will be free pizza and beverages.

Interested in speaking at an Internal Seminar? Please contact

2018 Seminars 

The spring Internal Seminar Series is under way! Each seminar takes place in Lab 3 room C700 and starts at 16:00 on Fridays unless otherwise specified. Free pizza and beverages are available after the seminars outside the seminar room. We hope to see you there!

19 January
Dina Mostafa (Cell Signal Unit)
Ales Bucek (Evolutionary Genomics Unit)

16 February
Sandrine Burriel (Cell Signal Unit)
Dale Koenig (Topology and Geometry Manifolds Unit)

2 March
Leonidas Georgiou (Optical Neuroimaging Unit)
Davide Chiuchiu (Biological Complexity Unit)

16 March
Maki Thomas (Marine Biophysics Unit)
Vincent Jallet (Advanced Medical Instrumentation Unit)

30 March
Cindy Esporlas (Light-Matter Interactions Unit)
Alex Tang (Neuronal Rhythms in Movement Unit)

13 April
Sebastien Lapointe (Coordination Chmistry and Catalysis Unit)
Maeva Techer (Ecology and Evolution Unit)


Current organizers:
  • Marylka Yoe Uusisaari (
  • Yasha Neiman (
  • Rob Campbell (
  • Maggi Mars Brisbin (
  • Maéva Techer (
  • Jigyasa Arora (
  • Yuka Suzuki (
  • Andreas Thomasen (
  • Kun-Lung Li (
Former organizers:
  • Jonathan Ward
  • ​Yunhui Zheng
  • Amy Shen
  • Eliot Fried
  • Stefan Pommer
  • Carolina Diaz
  • Tina Mularski
  • Oleg Simakov
  • Alexander Badrutdinov 
  • Omar Jáidar 
  • Marco Tsui 
  • Eiji Uchibe 
  • Hiroshi Izumi
  • Jérémie Gillet
  • Mary Ann Price
  • Shao Fang Wang
  • Romanas Chaleckis
  • Bianca Sieveritz
  • Lauren Dembeck