Internal Seminar Series

The OIST Internal Seminar Series organizes talks by OIST researchers every two weeks. Please see the "Calendar" or "Upcoming Events" links on the left for more information about upcoming seminars.

Interested in speaking at an Internal Seminar? Please contact Rob Campbell ( 

2017 Seminars 

The spring Internal Seminar Series starts 1 February 2017! Each seminar takes place in room C700 and starts at 16:30 unless otherwise specified. Free pizza and beverages are available after the seminars in Grano. We hope to see you there!

1 February*
Yoshimasa Takizawa (Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy Unit)
*Starts at 17:00

15 February
Olga Elisseeva (Cell Signal Unit)
*Starts at 17:00

1 March
Abhishek Dubey (Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis Unit)
Yasha Neiman (Quantum Gravity Unit)

15 March
Benoît Girard (Neural Computation Unit)
Francisco Garcia (Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit)

29 March
Tsai-Ming Lu (Marine Genomics Unit)
Georgy Filonenko (Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis Unit)

12 April
Shivani Sathish (Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit)
Rory Cerbus (Fluid Mechanics Unit)



Current organizers:
  • Bianca Sieveritz (
  • Rob Campbell (
  • Maggi Mars-Brisbin (
  • Maéva Techer (
  • Jigyasa Arora (
  • Yuka Suzuki (
  • Lauren Dembeck (
Former organizers:
  • Jonathan Ward
  • ​Yunhui Zheng
  • Amy Shen
  • Eliot Fried
  • Stefan Pommer
  • Carolina Diaz
  • Tina Mularski
  • Oleg Simakov
  • Alexander Badrutdinov 
  • Omar Jáidar 
  • Marco Tsui 
  • Eiji Uchibe 
  • Hiroshi Izumi
  • Jérémie Gillet
  • Mary Ann Price
  • Shao Fang Wang
  • Romanas Chaleckis