OIST Investor's Club ByLaws




This club is for people interested in investments, regardless the form of the investments. We assume that someone may have narrow or zero knowledge about investments, so one of the club’s purposes is to educate people unfamiliar with activities and information involved with investing.

For more advanced investors, we may discuss advanced methodology like mathematical and computational models. In general, the discussion topics are suggested by the members of the club, before the meeting will take a place.

The membership of the club does not involve any obligation of doing anything. There are no membership fees.  

The club is designed to open discussion to people to participate and or listen. It would be beneficial if you could contribute to the club by expressing your opinion9s) during the discussions and/or help in organizing short lectures within the club.


Lectures will be organized by the members in advance. The club will convey information to the other members about specific topics that the lecturer has decided to present. Some lecturers may be recorded on video and published on social media. There is an option to opt out of recording your session if you do not want to be recorded.

We do not provide financial consultancy at the club, we just discuss. This means we cannot answer give you advice or give answers on which investment is the most profitable. The club may discuss the advantages and disadvantages of particular investments. We also want to make clear that the club takes no responsibility for your choices in investments. The organizer of the club is not affiliated with any investor/ investment company that resolves the potential conflict of interests, while the other members may be (There may be a need for a disclosure for privacy).

We encourage people to be respectful during the discussions, and we prevent offensive behavior that may cause withdrawal of your membership from the club. The official language of the club is English, while some terminology may come from other languages that we also respect.


The Investors club will discuss:

  • The philosophy of investments (there are different approaches)
  • The terminology of investors
  • The basic knowledge required for doing investments including basic principles of Economics
  • The instruments of investors
  • Investment opportunities in the modern world as well as in the past
  • Advantageous investment models (mathematical and computational)
  • The role of investors in benefiting society including charity

Investor's Club Meetings

Meetings of the club will occur at one of the OIST lecture rooms on campus fortnightly in the evening times, most likely between 18:30 and 20:00, so you will be able to use the OIST shuttle bus just after the meeting. The size of the meeting may vary from time to time, but we expect to have 10-15 people to be present. At this moment, not OIST members cannot enter the campus, so, the meeting will be organized only for OIST members (and family members), after the pandemics is over, we plan to be open for the local community as well.