OIST Investor's Club

Welcome to a new OIST club!

This club is for people interested in investments, regardless the form of the investments. We assume that someone may have narrow or zero knowledge about investments, so one of the club’s purposes is to educate people unfamiliar with activities and information involved with investing. 

We do not provide financial consultancy at the club, we just discuss (see the club bylaws for details).

The meetings of the club will start from 20-40 minute lecture and end up with discussion of the lecture or other matters. If you have some particular questions about investments, feel free to come over to us and ask.

If you want to be a next lecturer of the meetings, feel free to suggest your topic and email to Alexey, alexey.martyushev@oist.jp


******Updates on 12/01/2021*******

Happy New Year!

The first recorded lecture is available at: https://office365oist-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/alexey-martyushev_oist_jp/EZm7SR8mg4BJibtBuQw_9RsBbE0bIbcN0AtrAR6BWbw9mg?e=eeR5yO


The second (25 Nov 2021): 

"Market psychology analysis using the bitcoin network on-chain metrics. The capital flows data as a tool for the trading strategy optimization."