Open Lectures: The 3rd ABiS Advanced Light Microscopy Training Workshop at OIST


2019年1月28日 (月) 9:002019年1月30日 (水) 12:00


C210, B503 seminar rooms and "B380"s microscope rooms of OIST



This workshop is intended for support staff of microscope facilities, researchers and students who have experience in fluorescence microscopy. Participants will learn about super resolution microscopy and tips for getting the best microscope performance for a variety of purposes.

Lectures (open to everyone)

  • Methods and theories of super resolution microscopy (SIM, STORM/PALM, STED, etc.)
  • For getting best performance of microscope (Aberration correction, Labeling condition, Sampling rate, Denoising, etc.)
  • Advanced applications of microscopy in research.
  • Introduction of advanced technologies by microscope manufactures.

Monday, January 28 (at C210)

9:05-10:35 Super resolution microscopy: Prof. Yasushi Hiraoka (Osaka University) and Dr. Atsushi Matsuda (NICT)

10:50-11:50 Maker’s presentation: Nikon and Leica

Tuesday, January 29 (at C210)  * The order of the lectures has been changed.

9:05-9:50 Live cell imaging: Prof. Tokuko Haraguchi (NICT)

9:50-10:35 For acquiring the best images: Prof. Yasushi Hiraoka (Osaka University) and Dr. Atsushi Matsuda (NICT)

10:50-11:50 Maker’s presentation: Olympus and Carl Zeiss

Wednesday, January 30 (at B503)

9:05-9:50 For avoiding errors: Prof. Yasushi Hiraoka (Osaka University) and Dr. Mizuki Shimanuki (OIST)

9:50-10:35 Maker’s presentation: 3i

10:50-11:50 Several applications of microscopy: Dr. Shinya Komoto (OIST)

for detailed schedule, please check the attached timetable.

Demonstration  (registered participants only)

  • N-SIM (Nikon)
  • N-STORM (Nikon)
  • SP8 STED 3X (Leica)
  • SD-OSR (Olympus)
  • LSM 880 Airyscan (Zeiss)
  • Lightsheet Z.1 (Zeiss)

supported by the microscope manufactures


Closed, however, the lecture parts are open to everyone. 

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