Faculty Lunchtime Seminar (Prof. Yasha Neiman)


2022年7月26日 (火) 12:10 12:50


Seminar Room L4E48 (Lab 4, Level E)


Title: Are black holes and particles the same thing?


Abstract: I'll discuss the similarities between fundamental particles, thermal systems and black holes. We will play some quantitative games to see exactly how black holes are different from particles in the real world.

Having paid the real world our respects, we will talk about how black holes and fundamental particles *are* the same in string theory - a story rarely covered in popular propaganda, but central to the second superstring revolution. Funny enough, it allows for the "discovery" of new particles through writing down new black hole solutions.

I will then advertise my current work, in which I'm doing exactly that for string theory's wonky cousin, Higher-Spin Gravity.


By Faculty Affairs Office/ Faculty Lunchtime Seminar Coordinators

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