Faculty Lunchtime Seminar (Prof. Kaz Tanaka)


2022年9月28日 (水) 12:10 12:50


L4E48 (Lab 4, Level E)


Title: Dynamic Nature of Memory Representation and the Hippocampal Network


Memories are encoded through long-lasting changes in the network of the brain. These memory traces can interfere with each other and therefore lead to instability of the representations. Indeed, a previous study discovered that instability is preferentially embedded within spatial maps in memory engram cells in the hippocampus even though their activity is still functionally linked to memory-relevant behaviors (Tanaka et al., 2018). Notably, higher instability of place cells is often observed in aberrant network states caused by various factors, including aging, stress, or epileptic seizure, which cause memory impairments (e.g., Yan et al., 2003; Kim et al., 2007; Karnam et al., 2009). These studies highlight two distinct types of instability leading to the opposite outcomes of hippocampal memory. In my talk, I will introduce our unpublished studies aiming at 1) elucidation of neuronal underpinning that survives extreme plasticity yet supports memory and 2) development of a novel approach to reset the aberrant network state. These studies will provide fundamental insight into physiological and pathological instability in the neuronal network.

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