2016 Program

*The program is subject to change without notice.


23 (Sat)  



24 (Sun)

9:00-12:00: ESL Training

13:30-16:30: Course Intro/Student Talk I


25 (Mon)

9:00-12:00  Coaching on Presentation "Talking about science"  (Roz Segal)    

13:30-16:30  Student Talk II


26 (Tue) 

9:00-12:00 "Survival in the nervous system" (Roz Segal)

13:30-16:30: "Axon Guidance: Molecular Cues and Signaling Mechanisms for Pathfinding and Target selection" (Yimin Zou)


27 (Wed)

9:00-12:00: "Developmental patterning of neural circuitry for motivational behaviors in zebrafish" (Su Guo

13:30-16:30: "Neurogenesis: from cell-fate choice to crowd dynamics" (Takaki Miyata)


28 (Thr)

9:00-12:00: "Synaptogenesis" (Hisashi Umemori)               

13:30-16:30: "Early life experience shapes neural circuit" (Tomomi Shimogori)


29 (Fri)

9:00-12:00: "The Regulation of Synapse Morphogenesis and Plasticity" (Davie Van Vatcor)

13:30-16:30: "Optogenetic dissection of Drosophila larval locomotion" (Hiroshi Kohsaka)


30 (Sat)

9:00-12:00: "Dissecting visual processing circuits in Drosophila" (Tom Clandinin)

PM: Free (Excursion)


31 (Sun) :

AM/PM: Quick rotation for all labs (+ lab assignment) @90min x 5 labs



1 (Mon)

9:00-12:00  "Critical period in animal behavior" (Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama)

13:00-18:00: Lab practice


2  (Tue)

9:00-12:00: "A history of memory and dopamine signaling in the fruit fly" (Minoru Saitoe)

13:00-18:00: Lab practice


3  (Wed)

9:00-12:00: "The midbrain dopamine system" (Naoshige Uchida)

13:00-18:00: Lab practice


4  (Thr)

9:00-12:00: "From song to synapse: the neurobiology of vocal learning and communication" (Rich  Mooney)

13:00-18:00: Lab practice


5  (Fri)

9:00-12:00:  "Neurobiology of sex differences in social behaviors" (Nirao Shah)

13:00-18:00: Lab practice


6  (Sat) :

9:00-12:00: "Cruising inside Xs" (Atsushi Miyawaki)

13:30-16:30:  "Assembly and function of zebrafish visual circuits" (Herwig Baier)


7  (Sun) : 

9:00-12:00: "Cell death and retinal degeneration in zebrafish" (Ichiro Masai)  

13:30-16:30: "Endophenotype in the brain: A key concept to understand the relationships between genes and behavior" (Tsuyoshi Miyakawa)


8  (Mon) : Departure


Lab practices (week-2);

1) Super-resolution imaging and analysis (Imaris)

2) Whole mount in situ hybridization of mouse

3) Ca imaging and electrophysiology recording from Drosophila larvae

4) Live imaging of zebrafish nervous system and Crispr-CAS9 genome editing

5) Electrophysiology and imaging in zebra finch brain