Seminar by Prof. Tomohiro Kurosaki. "Cellular and molecular mechanisms for rapid responsiveness of humoral memory responses"


2013年5月24日 (金) 16:00 17:00


C016, Lab1



Dear all,


Cell Signal Unit(Yamamoto Unit) would like to invite you to a seminar by Prof. Tomohiro KUROSAKI.


Date: Friday, May 24th

Time: 16:00 – 17:00

Venue: C016, Lab1


Speaker: Prof. Tomohiro KUROSAKI

Laboratory of Lymphocyte Differentiation, WPI Immunology Frontier Research Center, Osaka University,

Laboratory for Lymphocyte Differentiation, RIKEN RCAI

Title: Cellular and molecular mechanisms for rapid responsiveness of humoral memory responses

Abstract: One striking feature of humoral memory response is quick generation of neutralizing antibodies (Abs) upon re-invasion of pathogenic micro-organisms and eliminating them from our body. However, it is still unclear about cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying such quick humoral responses.

By using model T-dependent antigens, we propose that the following three mechanisms synergistically operate. First, IgG type memory B cells are pre-localized in the place where they can gain easy access to the antigen. Second, Tfh type memory T cells, which reside near to the memory IgG B cells. These memory T cells are promptly activated by antigen-presentation on IgG memory B cells and re-express Bcl6, which in turn activates IgG memory B cells. Finally, IgG memory B cells undergo repression of the Bach2 transcription factor (one of the BCR-extrinsic changes) during primary immune responses, which in turn, contributes to rapid differentiation towards plasma cells.



Tadashi Yamamoto, Cell Signal Unit

We look forward to seeing many of you.


Kaori Yamashiro

Cell Signal Unit (Yamamoto Unit)


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Kaori Yamashiro, Cell Signal Unit
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