Date changed! [Seminar] "The man behind the curtain: AI, Complexity and Social Systems" by Marcin Korecki, ETH Zürich


2023年6月5日 (月) 12:00 13:00


C700, Lab 3


Date/Time: June 5 (Mon), 2023 / 12:00 - 13:00 (Postponed from June 1)

Location: L3 C700 and zoom

Speaker: Marcin Korecki, ETH Zürich

Title: The man behind the curtain: AI, Complexity and Social Systems

Abstract: As AI becomes more tightly integrated with the social sphere it is of great interest to consider its limits and its potential. While AI systems are often quite impressive, their applications to real world complex systems are still in their infancy. In the seminar we will discuss the case of AI (particularly Deep Reinforcement Learning) applied to urban traffic systems. We will then consider the more social aspects of AI including Value Alignment and AI (un)fairness, which are both of crucial importance to the future societies. Lastly, we will consider how AI methods can be applied within the program of Artificial Life to modelling anthropological phenomena. The seminar will touch upon diverse topics with a marrying theme of AI, complexity and man-made systems.

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