[Hybrid Seminar] "Development of self/other distinction and perspective taking via Predictive Deep Learning" by Prof. Hiroyuki Iizuka, Hokkaido University


2023年9月1日 (金) 10:00 11:00


C700, Lab 3


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Prof. Hiroyuki Iizuka
Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience, Hokkaido University

Title: Development of self/other distinction and perspective taking via Predictive Deep Learning

Abstract:  In this talk, I will present research from our recently published paper, "Superposition Mechanism as a Neural Basis for Understanding Others." Contrary to conventional theories that assume distinct pre-given frameworks for "self" and "other," our study posits that there isn't a clear distinction between the two. Rooted in this idea, we propose a superposition mechanism as a neural foundation to develop the concepts of self and other. This mechanism is integrated into deep neural networks. These networks do not differentiate between self and others from the outset; instead, they operate using a shared module designed for "anyone." These deep networks, equipped with our mechanism, are trained to forecast their future sensory inputs within an environment where another entity exists. Consequently, we illustrate that the internal representations of "self" and "other" can evolve within the shared module of an artificial agent through simple predictive learning. Furthermore, we demonstrate that once these internal representations are established, the agent naturally internalizes the perspective of the other. During the talk, we will discuss our team's findings and draw connections to neuroscience studies.

Hiroyuki Iizuka received a Ph.D. in multi-disciplinary sciences from the University of Tokyo in 2004. Since 2005, he has been a Research Fellow at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. In 2005  and 2006, he was also a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics at the University of Sussex. He was an Assistant Professor at the Human Information Engineering Lab, Osaka university and an Associate Professor at the Autonomous Systems Engineering Laboratory, Hokkaido University. Currently, he is a Specially Appointed Associate Professor at the Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience (CHAIN) at Hokkaido University in Japan. His research interests include embodied cognition, complex adaptive systems, deep learning, swarm behavior, virtual reality, and the origin of life.



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