[Seminar] "Elastic instabilities in confined geometries" by Mr. Manish Kumar


2021年12月20日 (月) 11:00 12:00





Mr. Manish Kumar / Purdue University


Elastic instabilities in confined geometries


Most biological and industrial fluids are viscoelastic due to the presence of macromolecules and often flow through confined geometries. Viscoelastic flows through confined geometries are relevant in industrial applications such as enhanced oil recovery, microbial mining, groundwater remediation, and biological processes such as drug delivery, infectious biofilm transport in the body, particles and cells transport during respiration and fertilization. Large elastic stresses induced due to confinement lead to elastic instabilities in the viscoelastic flows. The accumulation of polymeric stresses as polymeric chains advect through closely placed obstacles create streaks characterized by high polymeric stress. These streaks act as a barrier for the flow crossing the regions and lead to flow separation, which induces multistability in the pore of the array of constrictions and tristability between streamwise located cylinders. The formation of distinct flow patterns and the streaks of high polymeric stress at the pore scale regulate the transport of fluids and particles in viscoelastic porous media flows.


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