[Seminar] Dr. Naoki Takeishi "Numerical study about inertial migration of red blood cell under a Newtonian fluid in a microtube"


2022年10月5日 (水) 10:30 11:30





Dr. Naoki Takeishi
Osaka University

Apr. 2013-Mar. 2016 PhD course student at Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University (SV. Prof. Takuji Ishikawa)
Apr. 2014-Apr. 2016 Research Fellow (DC2) of JSPS
Apr. 2014-Mar. 2015 Visiting Student at MIT (SV. Prof. Roger D. Kamm)
Apr. 2016- Mar. 2017 Research Fellow (PD) of JSPS at Institute of Frontier Life and Medical Science, Kyoto University (SV. Prof. Taiji Adachi).
Apr. 2017-present Assistant Professor of Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University.
Aug. 2017-Nov.2017 Visiting Researcher at KTH (SV. Prof. Luca Brandt)


Numerical study about inertial migration of red blood cell under a Newtonian fluid in a microtube


I present a numerical analysis of the lateral movement and equilibrium radial positions of red blood cells (RBCs) with major diameter of 8 µm under a Newtonian fluid in a circular channel with 50-µm diameter. Each RBC, modelled as a biconcave capsule whose membrane satisfies strain-hardening characteristics, is simulated for different Reynolds number Re and capillary numbers Ca, the latter of which indicate the ratio of fluid viscous force to the membrane elastic force. Through the analysis, we quantify the relationship between the power associated with membrane deformation, stable flow modes, and the equilibrium radial position of RBC centroid.

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