[Catch-All Math Colloquium] Monge-Ampère equations related to optimal transport and geometric optics, Jun Kitagawa, Michigan State University


2022年2月22日 (火) 15:00 17:00


Online via Zoom


The colloquium will be held once a month. It will be held online for the time being. Each event consists of a one-hour talk on mathematics followed by a one-hour diversity panel discussion session.


In the mathematics part, we will hear an exciting overview talk for a general audience. February speaker is Jun Kitagawa from Michigan State University. In the discussion session, we will hear about the speaker's experience as a mathematician. You can take inspiration from them and exchange ideas with other participants in a small group. After the sessions are over, there will be a tea time where participants can chat freely.


You can join Part I only or both parts of the colloquium. Please register before February 17, 5 pm. Click here to register!


Part I Expository math talk 3-4 pm

Speaker: Jun Kitagawa Michigan State University

Talk Title: Monge-Ampère equations related to optimal transport and geometric optics

Abstract: Monge-Ampère type equations are fully nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations that arise when considering the deformation of volume induced by some kind of transformation. In this talk I will discuss two such cases, the optimal transport problem, and geometric optics problems. The former discusses the most efficient way of transporting some resource to another location, and the second is a simplified model for optical instruments (such as lenses or mirrors) in which light is treated as a particle rather than a wave. I will attempt to focus more on heuristics rather than technical details; no knowledge of PDEs is assumed. A portion of this talk is based on joint work with N. Guillen.

Part II Diversity Panel Discussion 4-5 pm 

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