Events specific to the graduate school.


2018年2月24日 (土) 20:00

The ball will be held after the graduation ceremony on Feb 24th starting at 8pm, and will commemorate our first graduates.


2018年3月10日 (土) (All day)2018年3月17日 (土) (All day)


Science Challenge詳細はこちらから。


2018年3月10日 (土) (All day)2018年3月17日 (土) (All day)

OIST Science Challenge 2018 will be providing participants with a unique opportunity to extend their scientific education and experience research. We also offer valuable information to help them prepare for a doctoral program. Through various interactions with OIST faculty, postdocs, and Ph.D students, the participants will learn about research conducted at OIST, skills needed to survive  and enjoy a Ph.D life.  At the end of the workshop, participants will be asked to present submitted slide presentation on the "Joy of Discovery" in light of their experience throughout the week. The presentation will be shared with OIST community.

Airfare, travel insurance, accommodation, and meals during the workshop will be provided by OIST.

Apply from here! For any questions, please contact (OIST Admissions and Career Development Section)


2017年7月23日 (日) 14:30


OIST Cafeとは、理系学生のための英語研修を兼ねたイベントで、OISTの博士課程や、リサーチインターンシップの紹介を行います。今回は、マイクロ・バイオ・ナノ流体ユニット所属、ポストドクトラルスカラーのフランチェスコ・デル・ジュデイチェ博士と、OIST博士課程1年に所属している堀口理さんが研究環境や、学生生活についてお話しする予定です。




2017年3月17日 (金) 13:00 17:00

Osaka University Students Poster Exchange Session


2016年11月24日 (木) 16:00

Many situations in a research environment can cause a large amount of stress and impact our daily lives. Some of us are able to deal with it easily, others have a harder time doing so. Come to the OIST cafeteria, Level B at 4 pm on November 24 to discuss with your colleagues and Ganjuu and get insightful tips and tricks on how to deal with stress and anxiety in both the workplace and at home!

All this while enjoying free coffee, tea and snacks!


2016年11月17日 (木) 14:00 16:00

Working in a Japanese company, Kaisha (会社) , as a foreigner is a very scary process that only few have attempted so far. Both the daunting hierarchy and bewildering Keigo (敬語) frighten most people away. On the other hand, Japanese companies are also famous in their generosity to provide a full range of career trainings and supports to their employees. To know how to get a entry ticket from Kaisha and how to survive in it, we invite you to join with us!! 

*** The poster says B600 for the location but it is a typo, the location is B700, Lab3  ***


2017年3月5日 (日) (All day)2017年3月11日 (土) (All day)

The annual OIST Science Challenge hosts undergraduate students from across Japan for a week of activities and networking, allowing them to interact and express their ideas for the future.


2016年10月14日 (金) 15:00

Please come,  grab some sweets,
and talk about your IT problems.
Unless we hear about your issues,
we won’t be able to solve it.


2020年6月15日 (月) (All day)2020年6月19日 (金) (All day)

2nd Admissions Workshop for 2020