Internal Seminar: Sahar Hejazi, Quantum Systems Unit


Friday, November 9, 2018 - 16:30


Lab3, C700


Speaker: Sahar Hejazi, PhD Student, Quantum Systems Unit (Busch Unit) 

Title: Chiral Force


I will explain the basic of my PhD research, light-matter interaction near an optical nano-fibre and present our recent results about the force of a near-resonant guided light field of an ultrathin optical fiber on a two-level atom. We have shown that, if the atomic dipole rotates in the meridional plane, the magnitude of the force of the guided light depends on the field propagation direction. The chirality of the force arises as a consequence of the directional dependencies of the Rabi frequency of the guided driving field and the spontaneous emission from the atom. This provides a unique method for controlling atomic motion in the vicinity of an ultrathin fiber.

Following the seminar, please join us for free pizza, soft drinks, and scientific discussion from 5-5:30pm. 

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