Internal Seminar: Mathias Mikkelsen, One-dimensional cold atomic gases


Friday, May 18, 2018 - 16:00




Internal Seminar

Speaker: Mathias Mikelsen, Quantum Systems Unit (Thomas Busch Unit)

Title: One-dimensional cold atomic gases


A fundamental problem in many areas of quantum mechanics, such as nuclear physics, condensed matter and quantum gases is the description of strongly-correlated many-body dynamics. One way to gain insights into this is by considering a simplified system, for example by restricting the dimensionality of the problem. The experimental revolution in cold atomic gases has made both the simulation of complicated many-body systems and experimental tests of exactly solvable few- and many-body problems possible. An example of the latter is the experimental realization of the one-dimensional Tonks-Girardeau gas of strongly-interacting hard-core bosons in 2004/2005, which has lead to a renewed interest in this model, first introduced in 1960. In this talk I will introduce the field of many-body physics with cold atoms and report the results of my research on a Tonks-Girarduea gas in a driven optical lattice.

The OIST community is invited to enjoy free pizza and soft drinks and extended scientfic discussion following the seminar, from 5pm. Please join us and bring your own mug. 

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