Internal Seminar: "Epigenetic regulation of intronic transgenes” – Dr. Kenji Osabe


Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 17:00 to 17:30




Internal Seminar: Kenji Osabe, Postdoctoral Scholar, Plant Epigenetics Unit (Saze Unit)


Title: "Epigenetic regulation of intronic transgenes"


Abstract: Within the genome, a defined region codes for the synthesis of a protein, and thousands of different proteins are regulated during the plants life. These genes have its distinct role for the plants to develop and survive in the changing environment, and the research to unveil the function of each gene is ongoing. One method to investigate the function of a gene is to disrupt its function and analyze the effect this brings to the plant. Disruption of a gene can be achieved by introducing a foreign gene fragment, called T-DNA, within a gene to break the gene apart, and interfering with the synthesis of a functional protein. Disruption of gene function by T-DNA insertion can result in phenotypic changes, and a collection of T-DNA mutant lines are available for the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Unexpected loss of mutant phenotypes in intronic T-DNA insertion lines by interaction with another T-DNA locus, termed T-DNA suppression, has been observed in Arabidopsis thaliana, although the molecular basis of establishment and maintenance of T-DNA suppression is poorly understood. By analyzing crosses between intronic T-DNA lines, we found a possible mechanism that initiates and maintains T-DNA suppression in Arabidopsis. In this talk, I would like to discuss how we believe intronic T-DNAs that have intruded into transcription units are regulated in Arabidopsis

Refreshments will be served afterwards. We hope to see you there!


Internal Seminar Organizing Committee:

Marylka Yoe Uusisaari
Yasha Neiman
Rob Campbell
Margaret Mars-Brisbin
Maeva Techer
Jigyasa Arora
Yuka Suzuki
Andreas Thomasen

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