[Seminar] “Why do chromosomes look like chromosomes – and not like a ball of yarn?”


Thursday, August 24, 2023 - 13:00 to 13:50


L4E01 (Lab 4)


Seminar & Q&A session (13:00-13:50):

“Why do chromosomes look like chromosomes – and not like a ball of yarn?”

This is our new and relatively accessible story about exploring chromosome dimensions during evolution, including some of our most recent unpublished data on deciphering underlying molecular mechanisms


Career talk (14:00-15:00):

There will also be a career talk by Frank Uhlmann, organised by C-Hub. We hope you will join this too.

Career talk: "From Quarks to Chromosomes – a Life in Science" | OIST Groups



Brief bio:

Frank Uhlmann was born and grew up in Germany. He studied biochemistry and physiological chemistry at the University of Tübingen before joining Jerry Hurwitz's laboratory at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for his PhD studies. Frank then moved to the Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna, Austria, to work as a postdoc with Kim Nasmyth.

In 2000, he established a research laboratory at what was then the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London. He has remained there ever since, while the institute became part of Cancer Research UK (the London Research Institute) and now the Francis Crick Institute.

His work on chromosome segregation was recognised with the EMBO Gold Medal in 2006 and elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 2015. 

Website: https://www.crick.ac.uk/research/find-a-researcher/frank-uhlmann

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