Selected Publications

Extreme genome scrambling in cryptic Oikopleura dioica species. C Plessy, MJ Mansfield, A Bliznina, A Masunaga, C West, Y Tan, AW Liu, J Grašič, MS Del Rio-Pisula, G Sánchez-Serna, M Fabrega-Torrus, A Ferrández-Roldán, V Roncalli, P Navratilova, EM Thompson, T Onuma, H Nishida, C Cañestro, NM Luscombe. bioRxiv 2023, 2023.05.09.539028.

The cosmopolitan appendicularian Oikopleura dioica reveals hidden genetic diversity around the globe. A Masunaga, MJ Mansfield, Y Tan, AW Liu, A Bliznina, P Barzaghi, TL Hodgetts, A Ferrández-Roldán, C Cañestro, TA Onuma, C Plessy, NM Luscombe. Marine Biology 2022, 169:157.

Automated phenol-cholorform extraction of high molecular weight DNA for use in long-read single-molecule sequencing. AW Liu, A Villar-Briones, NM Luscombe, C Plessy. F1000Research 2022, 11:240.

Telomere-to-telomere assembly of the genome of an individual Oikopleura dioica from Okinawa using Nanopore-based sequencing. A Bliznina, A Masunaga, MJ Mansfield, Y Tan, AW Liu, C West, T Rustagi, H-C Chien, S Kumar, J Pichon, C Plessy, NM Luscombe. BMC Genomics 2021, 22:222.

H3S28P Antibody staining of Okinawan Oikopleura dioica suggests the presence of three chomosomes. AW Liu, Y Tan, A Masunaga, A Bliznina, C West, C Plessy, NM Luscombe.  F1000Research 2021, 9:780.

Streamlined sampling and cultivation of the pelagic cosmopolitan larvacean, Oikopleura dioica. A Masunaga, AW Liu, Y Tan, A Scott, NM Luscombe. Journal of Visualized Experiments 2020, 160:e61279.

Finding cell-specific expression patterns in the early Ciona embryo with single-cell RNA-seq. GR Ilsley, R Suyama, T Noda, N Satoh, NM Luscombe. Scientific Reports 2020, 10:4961.

Widespread use of the "ascidian" mitochondrial genetic code in tunicates. J Pichon, NM Luscombe, C Plessy. F1000Research 2019, 8:2072.

Genomic landscape of oxidative DNA damage and repair reveals regioselective protection from mutagenesis. AR Poetsch, SJ Boulton, NM Luscombe. Genome Biology 2018, 19:215.

Integrated analysis sheds light on evolutionary trajectories of young transcription start sites in the human genome. C Li, B Lenhard, NM Luscombe. Genome Research 2018, 28:676-688.