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We would like to keep our records up-to-date so we know how to contact you. 

Please update your information and confirm by uploading a copy of one of the requested documents.  You may select which ways you would like to authorize us to use your information, including for confirming your employment/ education verification requests from third parties (this is important for allowing us to cooperate for background checks when you are being considered for a new job). 

Please feel free to share this link with others in your network who have spent time at OIST and who plan to include their work at OIST as part of their job history.  Having your updated information allows us to expedite our confirmation of your professional experience!



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If your name has changed please let us know the details below. This will allow us to keep our records updated and linked with your current name.
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If your name has changed since you were at OIST, please let us know the details below. This will allow us to keep our records updated and linked with your current name.
If you had a home address (permanent address, not temporary OIST address) while you were at OIST that is different from your current home address, please share that previous address here. This will help us validate any records requests from you.
What is your preferred e-mail address for contacting you?
If you frequently use more than one personal e-mail address, please list others here. This will help us to validate requests originating from your e-mail address(es) as authentically being from you.
If you would like to network with others from OIST's extended community on LinkedIn please indicate your LinkedIn handle here.
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Please select all uses of your information that you authorize, from the list below. Your personal information is always treated with care.
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Please upload a copy of your ID (passport copy or other official ID). This will be used to verify your identity. This will only be used internally for validation purposes in order to process your requests, as authorized in this webform. Your responses to this webform do not change any pre-existing authorizations to OIST for previously submitted personal information/ existing records.
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