Research Internship Program Pre-Arrival Logistics

Congratulations on becoming a Research Intern at OIST! The whole OIST community is looking forward to welcoming you to Okinawa. Please complete the important steps to begin your Research Internship Program at OIST



Steps to come to OIST

Once you have received your Agreement from OIST. Please follow the steps below and visit the links for the detailed information.

  1. CoE and visa preparation (if applicable)
  2. Complete survey
    Incoming Student Survey
    Emergency Contact Information
  3. Apply for your visa in your country (if applicable)
  4. Complete guest registration
    After OIST receives a copy of your visa, we will send you this information.
  5. Travel and accommodation arrangement by OIST
  6. Fly to OIST

Visa Information for International Student

If you are an international student, you may have to apply for a visa prior to your arrival in Japan. Please check the information and start the application process if necessary. 



INFORMATION for Research Intern

Materials to visit before coming to OIST

Visit Orientation Materials site and read the information carefully before you visit OIST.