Special Topics

The course Special Topics provides an opportunity for students to study topics concerning recent scientific breakthroughs, cutting edge research of topical interest, and novel technologies and techniques not otherwise available in elective courses, from leading international experts in those topics or technologies.  

This course option must be conducted under the guidance of an OIST faculty member to provide internal academic oversight and guidance, and will follow common guidelines to ensure that academic standards are maintained. 

Proposals: Each Special Topics course will require the approval of the Dean and CEC before being offered.  Proposals from OIST faculty for Special Topics  presented by visiting researchers, scientists and OIST research staff use THIS FORM

Enrollment: Students will be required to obtain the approval of the Academic Mentor or Thesis Supervisor before enrolling in the course, and complete a defined piece of written work as part of the course. 

Attendance: A Special Topic will normally comprise a minimum of 15-20 hours class time. The Graduate School will arrange rooms and times for teaching, with consultation. Enrolled students are required to attend all sessions, and complete the assessment items. 

This is a formal course, and non-attendance will attract a Fail grade as with other electives.  Other members of OIST community may attend as auditors, without formal enrollment or opportunity for credit.

Assessment: The presenter of the Special Topic or OIST faculty sponsor should assess the student's performance by some written task, and enter a Pass/Fail grade and short evaluation after the conclusion of the course, for students enrolling for credit.  Non-credit attendees are welcome but can not receive credit unless enrolled prior to course commencement. 

Successful completion is awarded 1 credit.  This course can be taken multiple times, on different topics.