Shopping Guide Map

This page is to introduce shops and stores where newly arrived OIST members can buy necessary supplies.
Since members who are new to Okinawa usually do not own a car by the time they arrive, this map will focus on areas where people can reach by the OIST shuttle bus.
This page will gradually add places you can go by car with later updates.

(Last update: December 2023)

Areas around OIST

Onna Village & Ishikawa of Uruma City

This map is divided into 3 parts.
Block 1 shows the Ishikawa district of Uruma City, where most stores near OIST is located.
Block 2 shows the route along the sea. You can go to Onna no Eki or the beaches from this route.
Block 3 shows the route to the Onna Village Office and the Marine Science Station.

The numbers on the map indicates the locations of the shuttle bus stops.
Please refer to the BFM site for bus stop and bus route details and the time schedule.


1  Ishikawa Area (Ishikawa Line)

Nearest stores to shuttle bus stop
Bus stop number Bus stop name Stores
4,5 Maehara Daiso, Kanehide
6,7 Higashi-onna San-A
11,12 Nan-ei Ishikawa city, Gyomu super
14,15 Akasaki(/Tabata) San-A(with Daiso, Matsumoto-Kiyoshi inside), Tabata, Big1
18,19 Ishikawa IC Drug store Mori, Direx, MaxValu


2  Route towards Onna no Eki (Ishikawa IC Line, Ishikawa Line(weekends))

Nearest stores to shuttle bus stop
Bus stop number Bus stop name Stores
37 Onna Farmer's Market Onna no Eki おんなの駅


3  Route towards Onna Village Office/Marine Science Station (Serakaki Line)

Nearest stores to shuttle bus stop
Bus stop number Bus stop name Stores
33,34 Onna Village Office Onna kyoudou baiten 恩納共同売店(Local grocery store)


Categories of stores

 Grocery store

San-A, which has three large “A”s on a yellow background, is Okinawa’s major supermarket.

Kanehide has two orange birds on a green background.

Gyomu Super is a wholesale food store where you can buy big quantities of food at a discounted price. They also sell food products imported from all around the world.

This symbol shows other stores that you can go shopping.

Store Business Hours Website
San-A 9:00am~11:00pm Website (Mostly in Japanese)
Kanehide 9:00am~11:00pm Website (Japanese only)
MaxValu 24 hours Website
Gyomu Super 9:30am~8:00pm (Closes at 7:00pm on the last day of January, May, September) Website
Onna kyoudou baiten (恩納共同売店) 9:00am~8:00pm Website (Japanese only)

 Drug store

Drug stores sell over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics, cleaning, and sanitary supplies. Some stores also sell electronics and food at discounted prices. There are pharmacists/certified drug sellers in the stores, so you can ask for assistance if you need it. If you don’t understand Japanese, you can write down your symptoms in English on paper and show it to them.

Store Business Hours Website
Drug store Mori 9:00am~0:00am Website (Japanese only)
Direx 9:00am~11:00pm Website (Japanese only)
Matsumoto Kiyoshi 9:00am~10:00pm Website (Mostly in Japanese)

 Electronic appliance

The major electronic appliance stores in Okinawa have a wide variety of products. You may need to wait a week or two to have your purchased items delivered. They also have booths that sell cell phones and internet service.

Store Business Hours Website
Edion 9:00am~10:00pm Website (Japanese only)

 100 yen shop

100 yen shops are commonly called “hyakkin” in Japanese. If you want to buy supplies and items at a very cheap price, these are the places to go. There are thousands of items sold, but it’s better not to expect much on the quality and durability.

Daiso is the pioneer of the 100 yen shop industry and has overseas locations.

Store Business Hours Website
Daiso 9:00am~10:00pm (San-A Akasaki)
10:00am~9:00pm (Higashi-onna)
Can do 9:00am~10:00pm (Ishikawa City) Website

 Convenience store

You can find convenience stores almost everywhere, sometimes several in a close proximity. Aside from food, snacks, and drinks, you can also buy daily necessities, magazines, buy tickets for events and exhibitions, use the ATM, use the printing service, and pay bills.

They are open 24/7, so if you need something very quick, you can rely on them.

This symbol shows the locations of the convenient stores.

Store Business Hours Website
7-11 24 hours Website
Lawson 24 hours Website
Family Mart 24 hours Website

 Discount store

Tabata sells almost everything you need for your daily life: groceries, furniture, electronics, car supplies, gardening, DIY, pet goods.

Big1 is a combination of general store and home improvement store.

Store Business Hours Website
Tabata 9:00am~10:00pm (Home center)
9:00am~7:00pm (Gardening center)
Website (Japanese only)
Big1 9:00am~11:00pm Website (Japanese only)

 Shopping mall

There are several large shopping malls in Okinawa, and San-A Ishikawa City is the closest one to OIST. They contain grocery stores, food courts, electronics, clothing, over-the-counter drugs, and a variety of shops and entertainments.

Store Business Hours Website
Ishikawa City 9:00am~10:00pm (Grocery store opens until 11:00pm) Website (Japanese only)

 Farmer's market

At Onna no Eki, you can purchase locally harvested fruits and vegetables for reasonable prices. You can also enjoy some regional cuisines such as Okinawa Soba, Sata Andagi, and Goya Chanpuru.

Store Business Hours Website
Onna no Eki 10:00am~7:00pm (May vary depending on season and events) Website (Japanese only)