Policy on Remote Education for PhD Students

Effective Date: February 14, 2022


  1. OIST Graduate School regards pursuing PhD education (coursework, rotation research, and thesis research) on campus is the default expectation for students. Doing this remotely (remote education) is an exception. The student, therefore, must present well-justified reasons and continuation plan as outlined below.
  2. This policy does not apply to laboratory research activities. These need to occur in designated areas on campus.
  3. Student must be available for continuous communication with the supervisor, other lab members, and Graduate School during remote education.
  4. If the student remains unresponsive to any of the above parties for more than one week, their eligibility for remote education is revoked.
  5. The remote education has to be entirely for thesis research.
  6. The remote education arrangement can be terminated at the Supervisor’s discretion.
  7. Graduate School will also request the student under remote education to come to campus in person for administrative needs.


  1. Student has passed the Thesis Proposal Examination. Two exceptions to this are granted:
    1. Those first-year students who have not been able to relocate to Okinawa due to Japanese border restrictions
    2. Those pursuing education away from Okinawa as part of either officially approved External Study and Research or OIST-sponsored programs such as OIST-Riken partnership.
  2. Student has completed all course work that requires them to be on campus continuously
  3. Student is responsible for having reliable internet at the remote education site
  4. Student must be physically residing in Okinawa unless unable to return to Okinawa due to an unexpected change in Japanese international and domestic border travel restrictions.
  5. Student must undergo a brief training on remote education before starting.

3.Remote Education Request and Approval

  1. Student must submit the request for remote education including; (i) justification; (ii) a research plan; (iii) projected % remote and % onsite time; (iv) expected outcomes.
  2. A new request must be submitted every month and approved by the supervisor.

4.Student Housing

  1. The student must comply with all OIST housing regulations during remote education.