Relocation flight arrangement


Please note that


  • we will NOT ask for your confirmation of your flight itinerary unless we have to consider special circumstances (e.g. your fight leaves very early in the morning and/or transit in countries where we think you might need transit visas).
  • in the case of changes and cancellation due to personal reason after OIST purchased the ticket, all the charges will be your responsibility.
  • OIST will not be responsible for any cost occurred while your flight arrangement.



Please check the website below if you need quarantine or not.
If you need quarantine, please submit "Written Pridge" through GigaCC [Instruction].


If you have questions, please contact us :


Please write same gander as your passport.
Please write full airport name and IATA name. e.g. Naha airport (OKA)
You can check the website above if you need quarantine or not.
・Student who needs quarantine should depart on the 22nd August. (Depends on flight availability.) / If you cannot take PCR test on weekend, please choose 2nd option (I may have some difficulties...) and enter dates to the "Reason" part.
OIST may / may not be able to meet your request depends on your reason.
If you have some restriction on your departure time/ If you have any transit visa, please fill out here.