PD3 English for Higher Education in Science and Technology

Coordinator Professor Ulf Skoglund
Academic technical English is a specialized area with particular requirements for clarity in the communication of difficult concepts. Research students for whom English is not their primary language may need to develop their English language proficiency to enable more effective communication in the areas of science and technology. 
English for Higher Education in Science and Technology is an optional course for those students for whom English is a second language, and will provide training and practice in technical and scientific English, allowing students to participate more effectively in the OIST program, and beyond. English for Higher Education in Science and Technology covers such topics as academic vocabulary, critical reading and understanding of academic text, listening skills, paraphrasing and summarizing scientific text, delivery of presentations, participation in academic debates and discussions, research skills including electronic research and presentation of results, and structuring an argument for academic texts and essays.  
Aim  This course provides immersion training in professional and scientific English language and its usage to equip those students with lower English fluency to do well in the OIST environment.   This course is only offered as a pre-enrollment course.


Type Optional Lecture Hour 0
Credit 1 Lecture Hour 0
Assessment external
Text Book The Elements of Style, Strunk and White, 4 edn, (1999) Longman
Reference Book How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper, Day and Gastel (2006) Greenwood



Detailed Syllabus
Intensive residential course, minimum of 100 hours formal classroom training



Professor Ulf Skoglund