New Student Orientation Feedback

Thank you for attending the new student orientation sessions. We hope you learned the tips for your successful PhD journey and healthy life in Okinawa. 

We would like to hear your feedback on the new student orientation. Please complete the survey below to let us know how it went for you and how the orientation could be improved for students in the future! 

The orientation week looked like THIS
The orientation webpage is HERE

Strongly agreeSomewhat agreeNeither agree or disagreeSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
I felt welcomed
I know who to contact when I have questions or concerns
The schedule was tight



InformativeSomewhat informativeNeither informative nor unnecessarySomewhat unnecessaryUnnecessaryI did not attend this
Self-introduction & getting to know each other
PhD program
IT orientation
Financial support and travel
Orientation to Okinawa
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Introduction of the Student Council
Sustainable life in Okinawa
SDG initiatives at OIST
Example 1: I would allocate more time for interactive activities such as the diversity session and orientation to Okinawa. Example 2: I would add an introduction session for clubs (research support information, tips for grocery shopping, how to get a driver's license in Okinawa, etc.)



Strongly agreeSomewhat agreeNeither agree or disagreeSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
Easy to find information
Easy to understand the contents
Example 1: I would remove some of the contents so that new students can focus on only the essential information for the first month. Example 2: I would add more photos to make it look more exciting!