List of Courses by Term

Course Title Type Term Credits Course Coordinator
Term 1
A104 Vector and Tensor Calculus Elective 1 2 Professor Eliot Fried
A212 Microfluidics Elective 1 2 Professor Amy Shen
A213 Inorganic Electrochemistry (Laboratory) Elective 1 2 Professor Julia Khusnutdinova
A216 Quantum Mechanics I Elective 1 2 Professor Denis Konstantinov
A219 General Relativity (alternate years course: AY2019, AY2021) Elective 1 2 Professor Yasha Neiman
A220 New Enzymes by Directed Evolution (Laboratory) (not offered in AY2019) Elective 1 2 Professor Paola Laurino
A221 Relativistic Mechanics and Classical Field Theory (alternate years course: AY2018, AY2020) Elective 1 2 Professor Yasha Neiman
A313 Cognitive Neurorobotics Elective 1 2 Professor Jun Tani
A314 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Elective 1 2 Professor Jeff Wickens
B22 Computational Methods Elective 1 2 Professor Kenji Doya
B25 Statistical Mechanics Elective 1 2 Professor Reiko Toriumi
B26 Introduction to Neuroscience Elective 1 2 Professor Izumi Fukunaga
B27 Molecular Biology of the Cell Elective 1 2 Professor Keiko Kono
Term 2
A203 Advanced Optics
(alternate years course: AY2018, AY2020)
Elective 2 2 Professor Síle Nic Chormaic
A206 Analog Electronics Elective 2 2 Professor Yabing Qi
A208 Bioorganic Chemistry Elective 2 2 Professor Fujie Tanaka
A210 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
(alternate years course: AY2018, AY2020)
Elective 2 2 Professor Thomas Busch
A211 Advances in Atomic Physics for Quantum Technologies
(alternate years course:  AY2019, AY2021)
Elective 2 2 Professor Síle Nic Chormaic
A214 Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering Elective 2 2 Professor Yohei Yokobayashi
A217 Quantum Mechanics II Elective 2 2 Professor Denis Konstantinov
A218 Condensed Matter Physics Elective 2 2 Professor Yejun Feng
A273 Ultracold Quantum Gases
(alternate years course: AY2019, AY2021)
Elective 2 2 Professor Thomas Busch
A303 Developmental Biology Elective 2 2 Professor Ichiro Masai
A306 Neuroethology Elective  2 2 Professor Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama
A307 Molecular Oncology and Cell Signaling Elective 2 2 Professor Tadashi Yamamoto
A310 Computational Neuroscience Elective 2 2 Professor Erik De Schutter
A311 Cellular Aging and Human Longevity Elective 2 2 Professor Mitsuhiro Yanagida
A401 Controversies in Science Elective 2 2 Professor Gordon Arbuthnott
A405 Emerging Technologies in Life Sciences Elective 2 2 Professor Ichiro Maruyama
A410 Molecular Electron Tomography Elective 2 2 Professor Ulf Skoglund
B05 Cellular Neurobiology Elective 2 2 Professor Tomoyuki Takahashi
B07 Statistical Methods Elective 2 2 Professor Tomoki Fukai
B08 Physics for Life Sciences Elective 2 2 Professor Bernd Kuhn
B09 Learning and Behavior
(not offered AY2018 - AY2020)
Elective 2 2 Professor Eileen Gail Tripp
B11 Classical Electrodynamics Elective 2 2 Professor Tsumoru Shintake
B12 Statistical Physics  Elective 2 2 Professor Nic Shannon
B16 Ecology and Evolution Elective 2 2 Professor Evan Economo
B20 Introductory Evolutionary Developmental Biology Elective 2 2 Professor Hiroshi Watanabe
Term 3
A101 Adaptive Systems
(not offered in AY2019)
Elective 3 2 Professor Kenji Doya
A102 Mathematical Methods of Natural Sciences  Elective 3 2 Professor Jonathan Miller
A103 Stochastic Processes and Applications Elective 3 2 Professor Simone Pigolotti
A202 Fluid Dynamics (Title and contents to be changed. To be confirmed soon.) Elective 3 2 Professor Satoshi Mitarai
A205 Quantum Field Theory Elective 3 2 Professor Shinobu Hikami
A209 Ultrafast Spectroscopy Elective 3 2 Professor Keshav Dani

Advanced Experimental Chemistry - Laboratory of Materials Chemistry

Elective  3 2 Professor Ye Zhang
A223 Quantum Materials Science Elective 3 2 Professor Yoshinori Okada
A304 Evolutionary Developmental Biology Elective 3 2 Professor Noriyuki Satoh
A308 Epigenetics Elective 3 2 Professor Hidetoshi Saze
A312 Sensory Systems 
(not offered AY2019) 
Elective 3 2 Professor Izumi Fukunaga
A409 Electron Microscopy Elective 3 2 Professor Matthias Wolf
B13 Theoretical and Applied Fluid Mechanics Elective 3 2 Professor Pinaki Chakraborty
B14 Theoretical and Applied Solid Mechanics Elective 3 2 Professor Gustavo Gioia
B15 Immunology Elective 3 2 Professor Hiroki Ishikawa
B21 Biophysics of Cellular Membranes Elective 3 2 Professor Akihiro Kusumi
B23 Molecular Evolution Elective 3 2 Professor Tom Bourguignon
B24 Neuronal Dynamics of Movement Elective 3 2 Professor Yoe Uusisaari
All terms
IND Independent Study Elective All 1 Dean of the Graduate School
SPT Special Topics Elective All 1 Dean of the Graduate School
IWS International Workshop Participation Elective All 1

International Workshops 

LRO Laboratory Rotations Mandatory All 9 OIST faculty
LTP Thesis Proposal Mandatory All 1 OIST faculty
PD1 Professional Development I Mandatory All 2 Dean of the Graduate School
PD2 Professional Development II Mandatory All 0 Dean of the Graduate School