International Workshop Participation

Workshops, defined as residential short courses in particular topics in a specific scientific or mathematical discipline, and sometimes referred to as Summer Schools, or Winter Schools, etc., are a recognized means of undergoing intensive training in a specific topic or technique. In such workshops, some of the leading scientists in an area gather to share ideas, to keep each other up-to-date in the latest techniques and developments, and to teach senior students.  Workshops for award of credit should comprise an intense period of lectures and exercise sessions over a minimum of 10 working days or at least 40 hours of instruction, and be at a level that is appropriate and accessible to doctoral students.  

International workshops (which may be held in OIST, in Japan, or overseas) must be approved by the CEC as meeting criteria including sufficient content, quality of instruction and instructors, duration, and other criteria as may be deemed necessary. Preference for approval is given to workshops held at OIST.

Students who wish to receive credit for attending such a workshop should first seek approval (before booking travel and registration) from the Graduate School, who will check that the workshop meets approval criteria.  The workshop must be appropriate and relevant to the student’s intended thesis research, and be endorsed by the thesis supervisor and academic mentor.  First year students are not eligible to apply.

Please use the form at THIS LINK to apply.